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MAGIC3 TOUCHLESS™ Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter



MAGIC3 TOUCHLESS™ Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter

The MAGIC3 TOUCHLESS ™ is a closed system with a 100% silicone hydrophilic catheter, and is designed to help reduce the risk of UTIs. It has a MAGIC3® catheter for better comfort, a SURE-GRIP™ sleeve for more control, and many features of the bag that make it convenient and easy to use – especially for people with limited dexterity. From catheter to bag, the MAGIC3 TOUCHLESS™ closed system delivers on comfort, convenience, and safety.

Comfort | Three-Layer Silicone Catheter

  • Three Layer 100% Silicone Technology
    • Ultra-soft outer layer designed to maximize comfort
    • Firm middle layer for easier handling
    • Pliable innermost layer for easier navigation
  • Tapered tip for ease of movement over sensitive areas
  • Four comfort-sized drainage eyes for maximum drainage and flow of urine
  • Designed to be gentle on delicate urethral tissue

Virtually Friction Free | Hydrophilic Coating


  • The catheter’s outer surface has a hydrophilic coating, that when wet creates a virtually friction-free catheter insertion and withdrawal
  • In a survey of 99 male intermittent catheter users, 93% did not feel any pain during insertion and removal of the MAGICcatheter*

* Karen Logan, The Male Experience of ISC with a Silicone Catheter, British Journal of Nursing, Vol. 24 No. 9, pp 530-534

Safety | Designed to Help Reduce the Risk of UTIs


  • Insertion tip positions the catheter in the urethra, decreasing bacterial transfer from the meatus to the catheter to help reduce UTIs.
  • Collection bag’s tapered neck design helps decrease scratches associated with sharp corners.
  • Collection bag has illustrations of primary instructions printed directly on the drainage bag for quick reference.

    Convenient | Easy to Use


    • Catheter cap has a pull ring for easy removal – especially for people with limited dexterity 
    • 1100cc durable collection bag virtually eliminates the risk of leaks 
    • SURE-GRIP™ sleeve allows the slippery surface of the catheter to be firmly grasped making the catheter easier to advance and maneuver
    • Insertion tip and perforated tear feature offer multiple drainage options 
    • Built-in collection bag handle is designed to aid in handling and draining of bag

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